Exercise can be done anytime and anywhere, even when you’re at home, taking the child tutoring, waiting queues doctor or watching TV. Do not believe?

Try to do some of these activities. If done regularly, you will get the body fit, healthy and free of excess calories. Here it is eight of them:

1. Get used to waking up early, go out and breathe the fresh morning air. While waiting for the conduction morning paper, you can walk around the compound for five minutes.

2. Perform a small jump as he stretched out his hand (remember warming movement while still in primary school first?). Do it every day for 50-10 minutes. Women weighing 68 kg can burn 90 calories with this movement.

3. You like to cook? While waiting for the food cooked, you can do push-ups.

4. After dinner, do not go straight to bed or watching TV. Encourage your child to come out and play with him.

5. While waiting for your child’s English language lessons or music lessons, do not just stay out of class while playing a mobile phone. It gave time for a little light jogging around the area where the tutoring.

6. Tired of waiting queue when seeing a doctor? Ask the receptionist how much longer you will be called. If still long enough, there’s no harm in walking around the hospital building.

7. Remote control does allow you to change channels while watching TV. But in fact this tool makes you lazy to move. Get rid of your old remote control, and change the TV channel manually (get up and push the button on the front of the TV). Unknowingly, you have to do a little exercise.

8. When the show commercial advertising on TV, a time for jogging in place. The result? In addition to not get bored waiting for your ad runs out, you can burn 45 calories in just five minutes.

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